The Commons — Where a Divided America Comes Together

The Commons is a new initiative by The Chronicle of Philanthropy that explores how foundations and nonprofits can bridge divides and reduce divisions for the common good. Dive into the coverage to uncover innovative ideas, learn about efforts to foster a culture of pluralism across the country, and share your perspectives.


Being Well in the Modern World on Tell Me More With Kelly Corrigan

In a conversation with Kelly Corrigan, Dr. Dani Dumitriu, a key partner in our Bonding strategy, spoke alongside Dr. Atul Gawande and Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett about the origin of well-being and power of human connection to improve quality of life.


5 Ways to Quickly Build Belonging by Priya Parker

Explore creative ways to foster belonging at your gatherings with Priya Parker, from giving gatherings relational names to introducing friendly competition, to foster meaningful connections, increase participation, and ensure everyone feels part of the group.


Samar Ali and Clint Brewer: How to Bridge Political Divides — From Two Friends on Opposing Sides

Uncover practical ways to engage in meaningful conversations that respect different viewpoints and restore agency by listening to a conversation between Samar Ali, a New Pluralists Field Builder, and Clint Brewer, a public affairs strategist. In their TED Talk, Samar and Clint delved into personal experiences and discussed how empathy, active listening, and shared values can bridge the growing political divides in the U.S. and globally.