A new study from More in Common illuminates a heartening trend, showing that 72% of Americans are interested in connecting with people different from who they are and even feel we have a responsibility to do so. Study participants cited the lack of opportunity as the main barrier to interacting and building relationships with people across lines of difference.

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In a conversation with hosts Alex Schwartz and Nate Thompson of The Disrupted Workforce podcast, Dr. Dani Dumitriu, our partner at the Nurture Science Program at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center, shared insights about human resilience, the science behind emotional connection, and the impact of early life experiences on our wellbeing.

Scott Shigeoka, a New Pluralists Field Builder and author of “SEEK: How Curiosity Can Transform Your Life and Change the World,” talked with TODAY about the transformative power of embracing curiosity in our lives and interactions.

Done with the divisiveness in our politics and ready to do something about it? Host Mónica Guzmán is joined by guests from across the political spectrum to unearth tools, insights, and messy real-life stories that can guide you over the divide in your everyday life.