Mohan Sivaloganathan in a salmon long sleeved shirt

Mohan Sivaloganathan

Mohan Sivaloganathan is the CEO of Our Turn, a coalition of students and activists. We are not raising our hands for permission, we’re raising our hands to demand change.

India Alarcon

India Alarcon is an independent consultant who serves as the Project Manager of the Pediatrics Supporting Parents initiative. In this role she supports the strategic direction and implementation of the initiative’s multi-pronged approach, as well as funder engagement, partner collaboration, and initiative grantmaking.

Uma Viswanathan

Uma Viswanathan is the Executive Director of the New Pluralists Collaborative, where she works with funders and field leaders to foster a culture of pluralism in America.

Meera Mani

Meera Mani is director of the Children, Families, and Communities (CFC) Program at The David and Lucile Packard Foundation where she provides strategic direction to the Foundation’s work in children’s health insurance, early learning, and summer enrichment.

Casper ter Kulie

Casper ter Kuile is the co-founder of Sacred Design Lab, the author of The Power of Ritual, and the lead author of A Call to Connection.

linsey morrison

Linsey Morrison

As the leader of public policy and social impact at Eventbrite, and a mom of three children, Linsey Morrison is professionally and personally passionate about the power of connection to relieve mental health ailments, address systemic social isolation, and bridge societal divides.

karen murphy

Karen Murphy

Karen Murphy, PhD, is the CEO of the Human Responsibility Accelerator, a new organization that is being launched by the High Resolves Group. She is also High Resolves’ Chief Learning Officer. Karen wrote this post as she was leaving Facing History and Ourselves after leading the organization’s global work for more than 20 years.

mary ellen giess

Mary Ellen Giess

Mary Ellen Giess is Vice President of strategic initiatives at IFYC, where she oversees emerging and innovative program strategies.

Lucie Addison

Lucie is an organizational learning and improvement strategist, a trusted peer in the human connection space, and previously served as Einhorn Collaborative’s Learning Lead.