Two authors explore and explain the profound benefits of getting out in nature and finding the “wow” in the natural world.

Alex MacGillis and Celeste Sloman of ProPublica document the stark difference between school systems on either side of the New Mexico-Texas border, and the devastating emotional toll of remote high school on the lives of students in New Mexico.

June 2020 research from Making Caring Common suggests that almost 70% of fathers across race, class, educational attainment, and political affiliation in the United States felt closer to their children during the coronavirus pandemic.

Phil Cowan, Carolyn P. Coan, and Maryam Abdullah, psychology professors at UC Berkeley, share five tips to help parents prioritize communication, resilience, and self-care in the midst of the pandemic’s extraordinary demands.

Andrew Hanauer, the leader of One America Movement, talks about how to confront toxic polarization and division by equipping faith communities to work together across political, racial, and religious divides to solve problems that matter.

Wendy Feliz, the founding director of the Center for Inclusion and Belonging at the American Immigration Council, explores how to overcome zero-sum thinking to help America address the persistent challenge caused by the absence of immigration policy.

NationSwell shares a complete overview of last fall’s #BIBB track supported by Einhorn Collaborative, which includes quotes, headlines, conclusions, and key actions that can help advance the change we wish to see in the world.

A podcast from the Center for the Developing Adolescent features climate activist Jayden Foytlin, Cornell Professor Anthony Burrow, and San Francisco youth making a difference for their peers who discuss the hunger to matter during adolescence and how adults can support youth to develop a sense of purpose that can carry through for a lifetime.