Created by The Dinner Party, this collection of rituals highlights practices from across spiritual traditions that people throughout time have used to navigate loss and life after.

New Pluralists, a cross-ideological funder collaborative we are proud to be a part of, views addressing polarization as central to curbing hate in the United States. “We see pluralism as the antidote to all of the tendencies that we’re seeing playing out, particularly at the edges and the fringes that are causing people to become more susceptible to becoming polarized and radicalized,” said New Pluralists Executive Director Uma Viswanathan.

On Wednesday, April 12, join a conversation hosted by Over Zero and the American Immigration Council to learn more about The Belonging Barometer and the implications that this measurement has on our physical, social, civic, and democratic well-being.

Claudia Chwalisz, Founder and CEO of DemocracyNext, reflected on her experience listening to three separate podcasts with James Bridle, Amanda Ripley, and adrienne marie brown and finding a throughline in the practices and culture underpinning democracy.

Host Roy Wood Jr. of Beyond the Scenes from The Daily Show speaks with NYU developmental psychology professor Niobe Way and co-founder of  “A Call to Men,” Ted Bunch, on the lack of intimacy and close friendships experienced by boys and men, their fear of openly expressing emotions, and the additional cultural pressures that Black and brown men face to foster relationships in their lives.

Studies find that satisfying relationships are linked to a lower risk of developing multiple chronic diseases in older age, and social connection is the strongest protective factor for depression.

In his opinion column, David French, a New Pluralists field builder, talks about the two Overton windows – one red and one blue – through which we are filtering speech, ideas, and values in the U.S., and how they are breeding intolerance and apathy among people across the ideological spectrum.