May Resources

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ENGAGE | StoryCorps' One Small Step Want to have a curious, open-hearted, bridging conversation with someone who has different beliefs from your own? READ | Before spending on college,

April Resources

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READ | The Relational Work of Systems Change Collective impact efforts must prioritize working together in more relational ways to find systemic solutions to social problems. Without relational trust, it can

March Resources

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WATCH | The Science of Relationships Martha G. Welch MD explains that emotional connection in a relationship between two people is not a mental process alone. READ | Loneliness

February Resources

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READ | Parenting for Various Apocalypses Courtney Martin reflects on raising kids to be resilient in the face of adversity. READ & WATCH | TV Shows Bridging Generational Gaps

January Resources

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LOOK | The Hill: Portraits from the Capitol steps January 6, 2021 featuring filmmaker Horacio Marquínez by Robin Stern READ | Nurture Science: Connecting Activities Connecting Activities: Joint Attention

December Resources

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READ | If We Can Report on the Problem, We Can Report on the Solution Greater Good Science Center offers a tailored service that can serve to jumpstart your journey

October Resources

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READ | Curiosity U John Tomasi, the President of Heterodox Academy, explores the importance of curiosity as a value that sustains learning and social change. WATCH | Panel Explores

September Resources

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LISTEN | The Power of Solutions Journalism The Center for Humane Technology invites Tina Rosenberg and Hélène Biandudi Hofer onto their podcast “Your Undivided Attention” to discuss the power of solutions-focused

August Resources

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GUIDE | Great Conversations, the Virtual Way Expert facilitators Beth Kanter and Debra Natenshon give a behind-the-scenes look at how to structure a virtual meeting so that great conversations happen,

June Resources

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READ | To Emerge Stronger After the Pandemic, We Must Learn from the “During” Homa Tavangar, of the Big Questions Institute, explores how the implosion of the world we used

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