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April Resources

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ENGAGE The Commons — Where a Divided America Comes Together The Commons is a new initiative by The Chronicle of Philanthropy that explores how foundations and nonprofits can bridge divides

February Resources

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LISTEN | Masters in Business: David Einhorn Our Trustee, David Einhorn, spoke with Barry Ritholtz, host of the Masters in Business podcast, at around the 50-minute mark about the philanthropic

August Resources

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WATCH | Irshad Manji’s 5-Step Formula for Overcoming Division in Your Life Author and educator Irshad Manji introduces a 5-step method for improving communication and avoiding contentious debate. Each step

June 2023 Resources

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READ | To Start Children on the Right Path, Funders Seek to Strengthen Earliest Relationships We are seeing a growing interest among funders to invest in early relational health. Our Bonding Strategy

April 2023 Resources

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READ | We Disagree on Many Things but Speak With One Voice in Support of Philanthropic Pluralism Six prominent philanthropy leaders across the ideological spectrum call on foundation partners to

March 2023 Resources

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PRACTICE | Making It Through, Together: Ritual Collection for Life After Loss Created by The Dinner Party, this collection of rituals highlights practices from across spiritual traditions that people throughout

February 2023 Resources

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ENGAGE | Better Arguments 101 Training On March 14, join this one-hour workshop by The Better Argument Project, a collaboration by the Aspen Institute Citizenship and American Identity Program, Allstate, and Facing History

January 2023 Resources

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ENGAGE | Designing Tech for Social Cohesion Conference on February 23-25 Join our Building Strategy Lead Jon Gruber at the Designing Tech for Social Cohesion conference, hosted by the Council

December 2022 Resources

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LISTEN | Jenn Hoos Rothberg: Crisis of Connection on the Common Good Podcast How do we find our pack? And what does it take to feel less lonely and isolated?

November 2022 Resources

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PRACTICE | 10 Ways to Become More Grateful Take a few minutes each day to try out these practices from our friends at the Greater Good Science Center to nurture

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