READ | Curiosity U

John Tomasi, the President of Heterodox Academy, explores the importance of curiosity as a value that sustains learning and social change.

WATCH | Panel Explores ‘Cutting-Edge’ Engaged College Initiative

A panel of scholars and students at Cornell shares how the University is deepening its commitment to community-engaged learning.

LISTEN | Can You Mend a Broken Bond?

They were childhood best friends until one came out as queer. Listen as these two college students reconnect and try to see the world through one another’s eyes.

WATCH | Willis & Friends Vital Signs of Early Relational Health: Autonomic Emotion

Dr. David Willis brings together a group of experts to discuss autonomic emotional connection, a recently discovered, observable state of co-regulation between loved ones that leads to mutual calming through sight, sound, smell, touch, and even taste.

LISTEN | Remaking Gathering: Entering the Mess, Crossing the Thresholds

In a moment of great regathering, Priya Parker is helping many of us remake the “how” of coming together — and more importantly, the “why.”

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Scholars describe 12 strategies to help CEOs reduce the harm of polarization first within their own companies, and then within their broader communities by focusing on issues and situations where they have self-interest, credibility, and influence.

APPLY | The Youth Collaboratory at Citizen University

It’s easy to feel powerless — especially as a young person, but the Youth Collaboratory helps high school students dive deep into how power works and who has it.