Solutions Story Tracker

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The Solutions Story Tracker is a growing archive of journalism content that elevates rigorous solutions to social problems. Created by Solutions Journalism Network, the database is dynamic and searchable, with each story tagged by issue, location, journalist, and insights about what works.

Bridging – Towards a Society Built on Belonging

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This animated explainer video offers an overview of bridging and breaking and of the fraught, uncertain context that’s stoking anxiety and othering. john a. powell describes how our social responses to the overlapping challenges at hand are shaped by our understanding of who we are and who belongs.

A Care Package for Uncertain Times

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In the early days of the pandemic, On Being pulled together a collection of podcasts, poetry, meditations, and reflections to help people process the upheaval and uncertainty of the moment. This content is still as relevant today.

Getting Started with Community Engaged Learning

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Community-engaged learning projects and programs can look very different, but they all share four important criteria. They: (1) Address a specific community interest, problem or public concern, (2) Include woring with and learning from a community partner, (3) Connect and integrate community-engaged experiences with educational content, and (4) include structured, doumented critical reflection.

Bridging Differences Playbook

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The Playbook synthesizes practical, research-backed skills and strategies for bridging differences. Organized into intrapersonal, interpersonal, and intergroup skills, the Playbook offers flexible guidance on how to put these practices into action, insights on why they work, and caveats to keep in mind.

Nurture Science Program

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Doing an activity together is not the same as feeling connected. The Nurture Science Program blog offers manageable ways to nurture whole-family health, by incorporating simple interaction that nurture emotional connection into the activities we do together every day, such as eating, sleeping, bathing, getting ready, going places, playing, and cleaning up.

Storycorps Connect

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Developed in response to the pandemic, StoryCorps Connect is a platform that enables people to record StoryCorps video interviews remotely from the comfort of home. As with any StoryCorps conversation, the audio and a photo from these interviews gets archived at the Library of Congress.

Open Mind Platform – Difficult Conversations

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These videos, articles, and research papers from OpenMind put forward practical, psychology-based techniques - e.g., listening, intellectual humility, empathy - for navigating difficult conversations and making them more productive. These resources are relevant in range of settings, from campuses to workplaces to civic organizations.

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