The Center for Humane Technology invites Tina Rosenberg and Hélène Biandudi Hofer onto their podcast “Your Undivided Attention” to discuss the power of solutions-focused stories to help us cultivate learned hopefulness.

U.S. Representatives Dean Phillips of Minnesota and Dusty Johnson of South Dakota look for common ground and civility at the Minnesota State Fair, in partnership with Braver Angels.

Field Builder Eboo Patel reflects on his conversation with Field Builder David French about the importance of spiritual diversity to a pluralistic society.

The Endless Sea from More in Common is a hopeful narrative project that aims to understand the aspirations, ideas, and visions that might help shape a positive story of tomorrow that can transcend the divisions of today.

Psychologist Nichola Raihani explains why cooperation breaks down and how we can work together for a better world.

Conor McCabe, a Cornell ‘18 alum, explains how his community-engaged learning experience informed his approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) engagement in graduate school.

Learn research-based strategies for better relationships, dialogue, and understanding across divides. Relevant to anyone navigating conflicts and differences, especially geared toward college campuses.