Our very own Jenn Hoos Rothberg speaks with Eric Brown, co-host of the Let’s Hear It podcast, on her journey leading Einhorn Collaborative, ways in which philanthropy can reduce division and polarization by investing in human connection, and practices for leaders to foster a culture of connection within their organizations.

David Bornstein, co-founder of the Solutions Journalism Network, talks about “rebalancing the news” to give people a sense of investment and provide communities with the information they need to participate in a healthy democracy.

How might we design moments and spaces so that a sense of belonging can emerge? Use the Design for Belonging framework created by Dr. Susie Wise to help you build greater belonging and reduce othering in your community.

More than 19 million U.S. workers have quit their jobs since April 2021. Many companies are jumping to well-intentioned quick fixes without making any effort to strengthen the relational ties people have with their colleagues and their employers. How can companies make a concerted effort to better understand why employees are leaving and take meaningful action to retain them?

Consensus does not require equal status; it requires equal voice. What can we learn from honeybees to facilitate an effective consensus decision-making process?

Are you willing to concede if you don’t know something? Or do you get defensive when someone questions your beliefs? This quiz is an invitation to reflect on your strengths and areas you want to improve. It’s also an opportunity to learn about the benefits of intellectual humility.

Social capital matters tremendously for success in higher education and careers. But as with more traditional forms of capital, many are not able to access and leverage social capital. Education Strategy Group and the Siemens Foundation are embarking on a new partnership to build upon existing research on the importance of social capital development for students.

That man is Eric Liu, CEO and co-founder of Citizen University. In this interview, Eric explains why he has not lost hope in our democracy (not even for a day!) and how Americans can come together through national service and the power of stories.