Join our Building Strategy Lead Jon Gruber at the Designing Tech for Social Cohesion conference, hosted by the Council on Technology and Social Cohesion, to explore how tech products can be designed to nurture connection and promote prosocial content.

Awe is happening all around us. We don’t need to wait to stumble on this wonderful sensation; we can actively seek it out.

The ability to talk and work with people across differences can help us address critical issues of our time, identify breakthrough solutions, and bring about positive change collectively.

On Tuesday, January 31, join Shani Graham in a conversation to gain insights and practical skills to build a sense of belonging in your neighborhood.

In an interview and op-ed, John Wood Jr., a national leader for Braver Angels, discusses how the bridging movement is attempting to heal divisions, bring Americans together, and work together to solve common problems.

By creating personalized experiences that consider the needs and preferences of each participant, you can design spaces where people can find comfort, a sense of interest, and belonging.