Want to have a curious, open-hearted, bridging conversation with someone who has different beliefs from your own? Take One Small Step with StoryCorps and be in conversations with strangers about their lives–not about politics.

Global Citizen Year Founder Abby Falik advocates that before college, students need time away from teachers and tests to figure out who they want to be, what the world needs – and how they will reconcile the two.

Have you ever wished you could have a difficult conversation do-over? Well, now you can! In 10 mins, practice three science-backed strategies for navigating difficult conversations.

Our partners at Perception Institute created a 10-minute training for prospective jurors in New York State on the brain science that may lead individuals to make decisions based on implicit biases or attitudes about particular groups. Even if you are not headed to jury duty, this video provides concrete strategies that you can use to make decisions without relying on underlying biases or stereotypes.

Deeper Listening for Better Understanding offers strategies and techniques for listening deeply and understanding the perspectives of those you may disagree with.

Sarah Longwell and Dr. Ted Johnson talk about the Supreme Court, polarization, and the challenges of conversations about race on The Focus Group podcast.

In this op-ed in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Suzette Brooks Masters describes how funders sometimes contribute to polarization through what and how they fund, and the practical ways forward to close the gap.